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Let’s take this from the beginning. By now you’re at least vaguely familiar with cryptocurrency and you’ve likely seen Bitcoin make its way to the major media news channels. Now its time to start wrapping your head around Web3. What is it? What will I need to interact with it? How will Web3 impact my day to day life?
Tom is taking Impact Theory into Web3 and believes education is the key for everyone. To make sure this knowledge is accessible to everyone, this Q &A is dedicated to answering your questions about Web3 and demystifying some of the more complex ideas around Web 3, blockchain, and NFT gaming.
A few key reminders for you as you enter this space and do your research:
This is the future of the world your kids are growing up in
You have to have guardrails around how you spend your time learning these things
Be hyper paranoid and very thoughtful about what links you click on, scammers are everywhere!
To learn more about Web3, Impact Theory has created a free resource for all that are interested. You are welcome to explore and learn with us as we continue to grow:
Suggested Reading:
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline:
0:00 | Introduction to Q&A
0:39 | Start Building Web3 Skills
6:06 | What is a Blockchain?
8:34 | Value of Virtual Assets
13:51 | NFT Interactive Experiences
23:23 | Web3 FOMO & Life Balance
27:34 | Web3 Impact & Change
32:17 | What is Sandbox Metaverse?
35:49 | Why Unreal Engine Stands Out
42:53 | Web3 for Web Designers
45:07 | Web3 Safety
47:22 | Connecting Defi to Web3
49:49 | Longevity of NFTs and Blockchain
“I knew if I could understand what the technology actually was, what it did, I would be able to better predict where things are going, and once you can predict, then you can do something novel.” [1:23]
“The things that I certainly collect, I would rather have a digital version of that than a physical version of that.” [9:55]
“Immutable blockchain authenticating virtual goods which gives virtual goods as much value as physical goods. That’s the world that you’re living in. That’s the world that your kids are going to grow up in and take for granted.” [18:21]
“...people are so afraid they are going to miss the next big thing that they’re just constantly in this death loop of checking...” [24:28]
“Just like social media was a double edged sword, so is web3, and people need to be extraordinarily protective of their mental health.” [24:47]
“If you’re winning at Impact Theory’s project Kyzen’s gamification then you should be winning in real life.” [26:05]
“When you can actually prove that somebody owns something, the whole world opens up.” [32:06]
“The blockchain itself is pretty safe, but man, scammers go hard, so you need to be really careful.” [45:19]
“Humans make mistakes and so each of us are our own vulnerability, and so I won’t lie. I sweat over web3 safety.” [45:47]
“Web3 to me is about ownership and participation.” [48:33]
“Only invest what you can afford to have go to zero.” [52:14]
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