MASTER These Laws To Achieve POWER & SUCCESS In Life (Change Everything In 2022) | Robert Greene


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How you react to situations that spark strong responses, good or bad, can feel uncontrollable and much like a knee jerk reaction. How often are you sitting with yourself to observe the emotions you experience when you’re feeling triggered? Are you creating enough distance in time to allow yourself the space to analyze your reaction to the trigger?
Robert Greene is an author and psychologist that is well known and respected for his best-selling books on strategies, power, and seduction. This episode is your go to for all things Robert Greene as he delves into everything from what to do with your dark side and how to leverage that dark energy to the power of self reflection and the nature of language and non verbal languages. Robert discusses with Tom the practical ways to source motivation for real change, and how to live with the joy and bliss of being intune with self and your own nature.
0:00 | Introduction to Robert Greene
0:14 | The Goal in Life for Success
22:31 | Master Your Primal Nature
43:39 | Train for Joy Instead of Hoping
1:14:00 | Why Power is Crucial
1:36:42 | Understand the Reality
2:00:11 | Understand Your Environment
2:21:22 | Live in the Sublime
2:44:44 | Be Okay With Change
3:03:01 | Overcome Your Obstacles
“The brain is like a landscape. It's like a landscape out in the world that you see, [...] You create that landscape yourself, you create the brain that you have, by the degree of how you're open to experience…” [21:46]
“My worry is that people are so immersed in their smartphones and their technology that they don't understand people...” [27:15]
“Question yourself. Stop assuming that everything you do is so brilliant and smart, and so right.” [34:21]
“As people talk, and they use words to conceal what they're thinking, their bodies reveal what they're actually thinking behind the words…” [41:34]
“Usually the people who think power is a dirty word are the people who are the most manipulative and passive aggressive.” [1:14:54]
“I'm trying to tell people that dark side contains incredible creative energy, incredible motivating power [...] when you get up in the morning, and use it, don't be afraid of it.” [1:36:27]
“We're so embedded in language that we think everything in terms of what people say, but unconsciously without even realizing it. We're continually judging people on their nonverbal behavior.” [1:39:16]
“Social media, for all the good that it does makes it very hard to be self reflective.” [1:57:40]
“If you can't, you know, take Brett breaks from social media, from your Instagram account, from Facebook, from Twitter, then you're a prisoner of it.” [2:17:29]
“What seems to be anarchic and ugly and awful in the moment does end up serving a higher purpose, because we need dynamism in our culture, we need change.” [2:48:19]
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