Episode 74 | Full IELTS Speaking sample! Part 3: Outdoor activities


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Here is a transcript of what is heard in this week's podcast episode:

20 June 2022 | Part 3 | An outdoor activity We’ve been talking about an outdoor activity, and I would like to ask you a few more questions about this topic. Do you like spending time outdoors? Yes I do actually. I love biking, walking and just dining al fresco when the weather is nice. Fortunately, in this country, the weather avails itself to all sorts of outdoor activities from physical exercise to socialising with friends. Are there any benefits to outdoor activities? Of course! First of all, if you are engaging in exercise outdoors, this is good for overall health. Second of all, being out in the sun is beneficial because our bodies need vitamin D for good health. This must be done with caution of course, but I recently read that people in this country suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, so it is in our best interest to cautiously spend time outdoors. Lastly, as we often socialise outdoors at cafes, restaurants and even park benches, this is an important practice through which we can reduce stress levels. So, being outside is incredibly beneficial in a variety of ways. What outdoor activities are popular in your country? Well, I have mentioned several of them but of course there are more like sailing, swimming or playing tennis. Those in the country enjoy hiking or horseback riding. Then, it would be remiss of me to neglect to mention our national sport: football, which is enjoyed by all ages. What kind of outdoor activities were popular in the past? I think the only things that have changed are activities that have been brought to this country from abroad, like tennis. However, we have been known for our love of outdoor sports since antiquity. As far as I know, even activities associated today with the indoors, like wrestling, took place outside. Other activities like eating outdoors or sailing have also been a part of this culture for centuries. What type of outdoor activities will people like to do in the future? I can’t imagine these activities changing a great deal but if I had to picture some kind of science fiction scenario, I would say that perhaps people will fly for fun. One might say that we already do that but what I mean by that is just as today we might take a boat, train or car ride for leisure, perhaps there will be flying contraptions that allow us to take a short flight over the sea front or over a nearby hill, just to get a bird’s eye view of the area. I think a lot of people would enjoy something like this. Thank you. That is the end of the speaking exam.

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