Episode 73 | Part 2: A walk you enjoyed


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Please leave a five star review! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ieltscast-weekly-shadowing-exercises-for-ielts-speaking/id1070129363 Click here to access this week's blog post! A candidate recently reported being asked about 'a long walk' in Part 2 of their IELTS Speaking exam. This week we're using a speech shadowing exercise to help train to speak about this topic. Here is a transcript of what is heard in this podcast episode: Describe a long walk you enjoyed. Please say – where you walked – who you walked with – when you walked – and explain why you enjoyed the walk. Last year when our country was in lockdown, my best friend and I made a wonderful habit of walking on the weekends. We would set out from our homes and typically walk along the waterfront, which is lovely. Here is the link to the full lesson (37 minutes): https://www.ieltsspeakingblog.com/view/courses/speaking-about-hobbies/1387511-13-june-2022-part-2-a-walk-you-enjoyed/4295797-full-lesson The sample response used in this exercise was scripted by an active examiner. View more lessons at the blog: https://www.ieltsspeakingblog.com/community/home

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