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I first met Billy White at a book release event at Rosendals trädgård where I was asked to perform a short Q&A with the authors.

Billy, one of the authors, is also the head chef at Rosendals. The two books being released was Moonvalley Diaries by Emelie Forsberg, Ida Nilsson and Mimmi Kotka - and Billys own book Eat, Run, Enjoy! both on Gawell publishing.

Billy White was a perfect fit for Husky: a passionate and dedicated runner with a very interesting specialty since he is a top chef with experience from the kitchens of Guide Michelin star restaurants such as St. JOHN in London, Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm and the almost mythical Fäviken in Åre.

We talk about his childhood growing up just outside York in England, about the importance of skateboarding, doing seasons in the Alps, ending up in catering school and how he eventually found himself understanding why anyone would wanna work as a chef.

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