86. Rebecca Campbell on committing to our time on earth, motherhood and spiritual awakening(s)


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This week one of our favourite authors and spiritual teachers is guesting us, the amazing Rebecca Campbell! She is a best selling author, Australia born, but based in the UK since many years back. We love all her books, but her first book "Light is the New black" was hugely important during our spiritual awakenings, and we still often go back to it for strength and motivation. This interview is very special to us, hope you like it as much as we do! In this episode:- Rebecca’s awakening process into motherhood. The teachings of childbirth and how motherhood transformed and guided her through a second spiritual awakening- About being spiritual in a modern world- The feelings of loneliness on the spiritual journey- Rebecca’s new book Letters to a starseed - The definition of a starseed and if everyone are Starseeds- Why we have chosen to come here at this time- What a soul is- Where Rebecca thinks her soul originates fromFind more information about Rebecca and her work over at https://rebeccacampbell.me/.Veckans avsnitt sponsras av Mapiful.Ange koden holycrap på https://bit.ly/3w1q6X4 för att få 15% på valfritt print och ram. Rabatten gäller vid köp av två produkter.Have a lovely week! <3 Hugs,Amanda and Mathilda

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