37. (Eng) DNA healing and past lives with Michelle Phillips - Part 1


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This week is a special one! Upon your request, we're releasing our first ever interview from November last year with the American medium, DNA and past life healer Michelle Philips. You've heard some snippets from the full interview in an older boost episode but here is part one of an three hours long conversation. This interview is deep and might feel advanced for some - so don't be surprised if it require some extra processing. We're so curious to hear your thoughts! ✨ We talk about: - Past life and DNA healing - what is that and how does it work? - How Michelle miraculously healed herself from a life-threatening cancer tumor - Her loving view on her son’s passing in 2018 - Michelle's projections for 2020 (recorded in November!) Go and discuss today's episode in our community on Facebook. Search for Holy Crap Community - or write us on our instagram. Lots of love from us! 💓

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