29. (Eng) Discover your soul gifts with Daniela Arango


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Today we're writing history in Holy Crap! This episode is our first ever full episode in English (!) and our first ever distance recording via Zoom! We have to be honest, this was a little bit scary but we couldn't let that stop us from recording this episode for you with wonderful spiritual teacher, healer and coach Daniela Arango. She's originally from Colombia but grew up in USA and now lives with her Swedish partner in Malmö. In this episode, we talk about her incredible life story, how she activated her soul gifts and in the end she gives us her best advice on how you can discover yours! We talk about: - Daniela’s upbringing in Colombia and journey to end up in Sweden - How Daniela activated her energetic gifts during a healing ceremony in Bali - Learning to accept and integrate her new life working with energetics - How she’s using her intuition to guide her in life (and make bold decisions!) - Her best tips for those who feel stuck and demotivated in life - How to see the opportunities of the quarantine You find Daniela on Instagram @iamdanielaarango and www.daniela-arango.com. She's offering Holy Crap listeners a 20% discount on any of her 1-on-1 sessions using code MAGIC at checkout. You find us on Instagram @holycrappodcast <3 Lots of love from Amanda & Mathilda

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