Testing USB Podcast Mics Under $150


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Testing USB Podcast Mics Under $150

Griffin tests four USB studio microphones, ranging from $60 to $150.

Motivation behind this test:
Two years ago, I reviewed the FIFINE K670 mic for Indy Mogul. I liked its frequency response—but sadly, it suffered from a disqualifying interference hum.
Watch: What’s the Best Studio Mic? $48 to $1100 (Indy Mogul)

So when FIFINE suggested I test their newer, prettier K678 model, I was curious if they’d eliminated that interference issue.

Plus, with popular USB mics like the Blue Yeti often sold-out during the pandemic—because of increased work-from-home demand—I wanted to test if alternative brands were any good.

In response to Brian’s question,

Nick and I each use a Synology DiskStation DS418—a network-attached storage (NAS) to archive our video projects and raw footage. That’s in addition to cloud services like Google Drive and Backblaze. And Brian, before you upgrade your 2013 iMac, check the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide for timing. (Redesigned M1 iMacs are rumored to launch this year.)

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