How a Strategic Inaction Can Help You to Achieve More by Doing Less | HDM 309


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We all go through moments of stress from having a lot on our plate. Our overly busy lives can prevent us from thinking clearly which doesn’t allow us to make the best decisions. In this episode we learn about strategic inaction and how it can help us achieve more by doing less. As you listen I challenge you to think about how this can help you in your financial life.

In this episode, Jinny Uppal, a business and tech growth strategist, board advisor and thought leader, shares with us her money memory that has impacted her to this day and what led her to write her book In/Action: Rethinking the Path to Results.

What you'll learn about in today's episode:

  • How we can stop the hustling but still be able to get ahead in our goals
  • What a strategic pause is and why it matters
  • The specific role the hustle culture plays on the great resignation
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