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Have you ever had the feeling that it's not a matter of how much money we make or how hard we work; the scarcity mentality keeps haunting us? This is not uncommon, because for many years this is the kind of mentality that has always been culturally implanted in us. However, if we dedicate a few minutes to work on this daily, we will see and feel a change. We, as Latinas, can unlearn these limiting cultural beliefs and thrive as a result.

In this episode, Valeria Aloe, a Hispanic market and mindset thought leader, consultant, speaker and author of Uncolonized Latinas, shares with us her upbringing and lessons around money. She also shares how to unlearn cultural limiting beliefs with her book “Uncolonized Latinas” and some ways to achieve it with your daily routine (even if you only have a couple minutes a day!)

What you'll learn about in today's episode:

  • Valeria’s upbringing and experiences around money
  • The details behind what happened in 2016 when she experienced burnout
  • Some ways to unlearn cultural limiting beliefs, plus the exact daily practices you can implement now
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