How to & Who to Disciple | Ron Merrell


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In today's teaching we ask the question, "If we were to take our cues from Jesus, then how would we disciple someone else?". This is exactly what Pastor Ron discusses as he wraps up our current teaching series, The Way of the Apprentice. We are challenged and inspired by this timely and practical message that walks us through John 13 & John 14. As we analyze the actions and words of Jesus, we see ways that we can be imitators of Christ and how we can disciple others around us.
Pastor Ron then opened a conversation around what his steps following Jesus are looking like right now and going forward. Pastor Mike also shared about how God is stirring him toward stepping out in obedience. Our time together today was huge in the life of our church. Pastor John and the Elders joined the stage as Pastor's Ron and Mike shared about where God is leading. To watch our family update and to hear about whats coming next for Pastor Ron and Mike, check out the video below!
Make sure you catch on up the past weeks of our teaching series, The Ways of the Apprentice, by clicking the link below!

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