#140: The Dreaded Root Canal! And yet the 4 Positive Life Lessons Learned from the Experience


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In today's episode, Kevin shares four life lessons learned from having a recent root canal. And Kevin's takeaway from such a "horrible" dental procedure may surprise you.

When I got the dreaded news that I was in store for my first ever root canal I was terrified! I've only ever heard horror stories. And yet, my experience was nothing of the sort! Traumatic, terrifying, dreadful... Not a chance!

Instead I came away with an experience that has gifted me with four unique reminders about life. These four reminders have been turned into my "4 Life Lessons Learned from a Root Canal".

Be entertained, informed, and left with your own list of items to take action on!


Dr. Robert E. Borer, Endodontic Specialist

Dr. Jean Chang-Lowe, DDS


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