#143: 14 Days in a Beijing Prison: An Author's Traumatic Beginning


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Imagine transitioning from a dream straight into your worst nightmare! Chancellor K. Jackson was at the top of his game, living in Beijing, China. And on a night when he thought all was going perfect he would find himself on a downward spiral out of control!

Join host, Kevin Lowe, as he sitds down with Chancellor Jackson to re-live this harrowing moment in his life.

What happens to us can easily be reframed with a mindset of what happened for us...

With a series of fortunate events Chancellor would find himself on a plane back to the United States after spending just 14 days in a Beijing prison. Those 14 days would be so impactful on Chancellor's life that at the urging of others he would turn his traumatic story into a book. That book would go on to become an Amazon Best Seller!

Prepare for an edge of your seat interview with a man who isn't going to be stopped! Chancelor K. Jackson is a man on fire and no one is putting out his flame anytime soon!


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