Heidi & Miles Stallard: Top Earners Interview


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On this week's episode of Go Pro with Eric Worre, I sit down with power couple Heidi & Miles Stallard as they share their unique path to becoming Top Earners in Network Marketing.

Miles discusses how he first came across Network Marketing and the difficulties that he faced from everyone important in his life. His mom insulted him, his father told him that he would go to jail, his then-girlfriend almost broke up with him...but still he persisted. Why?

Heidi had her own journey. She initially opposed Miles' decision to leave his solid, good-paying job to try something with which she already had a negative experience. While studying abroad, she had an epiphany about the path her life was taking. After seeing the success Miles was having, Heidi became more receptive to the potential of Network Marketing. Why?

Find out the answer to the Stallard's "whys", and how they became Top Earners and Leaders ... even when faced with adversity.

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