Why are old men so afraid of gay people?


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Why are old men in Eastern European countries so afraid of Pride and the LGBTQI movement? What can young people do to make them more gay-friendly? What should you think of before you decide to come out of the closet in countries such as Moldova and Georgia and what can we learn from Sweden when it’s come to accepting people just at it is?


  • Gustav Åhlén, a young Swede, currently working in the restaurant business
  • Tamar Kapanadze, member of the Tbilisi Pride a non-government organization in Georgia active in promoting LGBTQ rights.
  • Leo Zbanke – film director, screenwriter, psychologist, LGBT + activist at Genderdoc-M in Moldova.

Host: David Isaksson, Editor-in- chief at Global Bar Magazine.

This episode is part of Echolocation – a special podcast cooperation with between Georgia (Knews), Moldova (Diez) and Sweden (Global Bar Magazine/Global Podd). We aim to create an echo through society by inviting young people to make their voices heard, exchange information and opinions.

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