Black ARMY Panel, Pt. 1


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Welcome to one of our favorite episodes yet. It's our last week of the Black Into Kpop coalition, so to close out the month, we saved the best for last! For a very special episode, we invited some of our friends onto our podcast to hear their experiences as black ARMY, k-pop fans and creators. Even though Black Into Kpop and Black History Month are coming to a close, we'll continue to focus on uplifting black creatives throughout the course of the year!
Without further ado, please check out our friends' socials:
Jess (30)- @justkillingtime216 on Instagram

Briana (27)- @briczennie on YouTube
Christine (25)- @Christine Jackson on YouTube
Faith (25)- @faithangel.draws on Instagram
For more information about the coalition and other awesome podcasts you can follow, check out the coalition on Twitter @blackintokpop and Tumblr at
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