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Three shots on target, four goals, Fulham's win in Nottingham yesterday was about as clinical as it is possible to get. We look back at the match, which keeps us firmly entrenched within the Championship's title chasing pack.

We discuss Fulham's blocking technique from corners, which had a hand in our opening goal yesterday. We then look at the goalscoring stats for both Aleksandar Mitrovic (15 in 14 for him now) and the team as a whole. Can we actually break 100 goals?

In part two, we answer some of your questions, including an early eye on January signings, whether Seri would cut it in the top flight and why our away support seems to rattle everybody north of the M25.

Finally, we take a little look at West Brom on Saturday, with Fulham able to open up a nice cushion if they can claim all three points

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