61. FINA awards – Intro


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Four French Institutes in the Nordic region have decided to launch in 2020 an award (FINA) to promote the scientific cooperation between France and the following Nordic countries : Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden.

Four laureates, one in each country, have been selected for their multidisciplinary approaches to nature and biodiversity conservation, and will go to Marseille to attend the IUCN Congress.

In the meantime and in anticipation of the Congress, the French Institutes wanted you to get acquainted with these four young researchers. Therefore, the French Institutes released a series of 4 podcasts.

A webinar conference will take place on May, 27th to give you the opportunity to meet the laureates and ask them all the questions you have about their work.

Helena Tukiainen from Finland, Justine Ramage from Sweden, Julie Strand from Denmark, and Annabel Mempel from Norway will discuss the dynamics of geodiversity and biodiversity, the impact of climate change on the landscapes and the people, the safeguard of genetics, and the connections between nature conservation and international cooperation.

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