16. Heloïse Letissier a.k.a. Christine and the Queens: A French electro star is born


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Heloïse Letissier is the name of the French singer, songwriter and electro artist who performs under the name “Christine and the Queens”. She visited Stockholm on November 6th 2014 for a concert at Kägelbanan, Södra teatern, an event organized by the French Culture Institutes (Institut Français) of Sweden, Norway, Denmark as well as the head office in Paris, the French Music Export Bureau and the booking agency Monstera. The concert is the result of a project designed to create touring networks in the Scandinavian countries for emerging French artists.

Franska podden got a few precious minutes for an interview and Heloïse shares about her path to becoming an artist on the electro scene, French artists that have inspired her and future projects.

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