James Johnson, CEO of the FFA chats to Adam Peacock


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Plenty happening, as always in Australian football.
Pay deals, pandemics, independent leagues, a World Cup to plan, a World Cup to win!
Adam Peacock discusses all that and more with the man in charge, FFA CEO James Johnson in tis special edition of the Fox Football Podcast.

2.00 The FFA XI Principles - when it goes from theory to practical
6.00 A and W League independence - why isn't it is it independent yet?
8.40 How close with the FFA stay to the clubs in running the professional leagues?
9.15 Don't copy and paste the Premier League model - there are others better
11.00 How does the FFA and the clubs ensure they don't step on each others turf? Club v country issues potentially
13.30 Confidence around the PFA and clubs sorting out a pay deal
15.00 Growing the football economy in Australia - how?! (Libby Cacace deal from Wellington was more than the total transfers for any year in A League history!)
18.30 tapping into the international transfer system - creating opportunities for young Australian players, clubs ensuring length of contract helps the ability to get transfers
22.00 The domestic system - especially between A League and NPL clubs - how we improve that. Clubs all over the country need incentive to develop players.
23.45 Thoughts on the sentiment of A League clubs plundering NPL clubs for young talent, without compensation. It will become more expensive for clubs, but they will get that back when better players are produced along the line.
25.00 When will a transfer system happen in Australia?
27.00 Second division. What are the next steps?
29.00 Is there a model of a second div that would suit Australian football?
30.45 Don't the A League clubs have a deal until 2034? How do you relegate someone from that?
32.45 Government support - how does the FFA make this work better for the game?
34.45 What do you hope the legacy of the Women's World Cup will be?
37.00 Will the Matildas be managerless for much longer?

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