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This was meant to be the regular guest chat during the regular Fox Football Podcast.

HOWEVER... as anyone who watches A League might be able to guess, Neil Kilkenny doesn't mind a chat.

So instead of making the regular one a 90 minute epic, decided to break this away and run it as a stand alone.

Kilkenny has a damn good football story to tell.

In this chat with Adam Peacock he details his seven years spent in the Arsenal youth system, where he trained with the great Gunners side of the mid-2000's, the enjoyable time spent at Leeds, his stint at Melbourne City and why they didn't achieve what they could have all the way through to his current spell at Perth Glory.

We touch on his time with the Socceroos - and why he hasn't played more - his plans to get in to coaching and why he has the on-field demeanour he has.

Which means yes, we talk about the Stefan Mauk to and fro from a couple of weeks ago.

Enjoy the bonus!

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