A League latest, Berisha interview, Super Frank sacked, Zlatan v Lukaku


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Adam Peacock and James Dodd discuss all the big issues from the A league and around the world, plus a chat with the greatest goalscorer in A League history Besart Berisha.

Berisha explains Western United's ambition and new rivalry with Melbourne Victory, what hunger does for a footballer, and indeed, how much of it he still has.

From home the boys also discuss Victory's first win, Perth's kids, Mo Toure, the Galacticos of Gosford, Sydney struggles and Simon Cox's big call.

For the overseas stuff, there's Lampard's sacking and what kind of club Chelsea really is, Steve Bruce at Newcastle (sigh), Caleb Watts' Premier league debut, Maty Ryan at Arsenal plus would you rather fight Zlatan or Lukaku?

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