Brad Keselowski’s New Deal


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The Monster Energy Cup Series packs up for the Poconos this weekend.

FOX’s Matt Napolitano with your preview in ‘FOX in the Fast Lane’:

With six races to go before the start of the Cup championship playoffs, drivers get ready to go racing at the Tricky Triangle for the Overton’s 400 at Pocono Raceway Sunday. A race Brad Keselowski won back in 2011.

Big news for the driver of the No. 2 Ford this week as it was announced he signed a multi-year extension with Team Penske. Keselowski appearing on FOX Sports 1:

(Keselowski) “Team members and all kinds of things that come together to make a race team get to the race track, so I was glad to get it done and hopefully we can in the next few years get another championship.”

Keselowski’s crew chief Paul Wolfe getting a multi-year extension as well and he’ll have a new teammate on the Cup circuit next season… Ryan Blaney:

(Blaney) “We announced today that I’ll be driving the 12 car for Team Penske next year, so I’m real excited about that.”

Blaney announcing on Facebook Live that he will join Team Penske next season to drive the No. 12 Ford.

Paul Menard will take over Blaney’s current spot behind the wheel of the No. 21 for Wood Brothers Racing.

FOX in the Fast Lane, I’m Matt Napolitano, FOX News.

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