386: Scaling and Exiting an Amazon Brand with Melisa Vong and Bryce Alderson


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Melisa Vong returns to the Foundr Podcast with her business partner Bryce Alderson to discuss Orphic Nutrition. Bryce is a former professional soccer player, and Melisa is a serial entrepreneur and cofounder of 2 multi-million dollar ecommerce brands.

Four years ago, a catch-up over coffee led to the idea of building a nutrition business together. Using Bryce’s knowledge in sports nutrition and Melisa’s Amazon experience with her first company, Namskara, they identified complementary skills that could be successful. Fast forward 3 years later, and they built Orphic Nutrition into a multi-million dollar supplement brand on Amazon and exited the company in December of 2020.

Listen to Nathan chat with Melisa and Bryce about:

  • Bryce’s transition from being a pro athlete to business owner
  • The similarities of sport and business
  • How they reconnected and started Orphic Nutrition
  • Using the location feature on Instagram to find microinfluencers
  • The importance of finding a cofounder you can rely on
  • Mistakes and strategies navigating selling on Amazon
  • The journey of exiting the company and finalizing the sale
  • What’s next for the duo and much more...

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