SELF WORTH- the journey to worthiness with special guest Vanessa Haldane


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In today's episode, Ashe connects with Vanessa Haldane creator of Journey to Worthy. In today's episode, I connect with the inspiring Vanessa Haldane creator of Journey to Worthy a global movement to remind you that you are worthy and it is NEVER too late to reignite your self-worth.


💜Meet Vanessa

💜Angel Cards

💜Vanessa G.T.L Journey

💜Journey to Worthy

💜Vanessa’s Turning Point

💜Coercive Control

💜Picking Your Battles

💜JTW Big Juicy Dreams

💜Final Five

TRIGGER WARNING: in this episode, Ashe and Vanessa have open discussions of grief, trauma, loss, domestic violence, sexual assault and eating disorders. If you feel affected by anything you hear today please visit the support page on the Journey to Worthy site and please reach out to the following services, who will support you anonymously and without judgement. Get Support Here

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Host: Ashe Hornsby @withloveashe

Guest: Vanessa Haldane @journeytoworthyoffical

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