Ep 225: Client Spotlight with Catie S. and the Journey to Food Freedom


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Today, we're sitting down with my dear friend and client, Catie S.!

Listen in as she opens up about her journey to food freedom.

Catie is discussing:

-The tone around nutrition and movement in her family growing up

-How her relationship with food and her body evolved as she became a working adult

-What prompted her to seek out a dietician

-Her experience working with me. She's covering everything from her biggest AHA moments to the most challenging parts of her intuitive eating journey.

After listening, you'll walk away understanding what the journey to food freedom actually looks like. You'll hear about how intuitive eating can help you find a sense of freedom and self-acceptance that can impact every area of your life.

[Trigger warning: Please note, we do discuss infertility in this episode.]

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