Fit Friends Happy Hour


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This isn’t your standard health and fitness podcast! Come hang out with us as we talk about how to stop chasing the numbers and start doing what feels right for your body! Learn how to find joy in movement while getting rid of the toxic belief that you are not enough. Katie is a Registered Dietitian and fitness professional, passionate about helping you become the expert at your own body. We talk nutrition as it applies to Katie's non-diet approach, self-acceptance, finding joy in fitness, and all around how to be a better human. Fit Friends Happy Hour will feel like you're chatting with a girlfriend who GETS IT and wants the best for you. Katie shares personal stories while also bringing you the experts in a non-diet approach. Whether you're driving, running, or getting stuff done around the house, we hope you'll feel inspired to live the awesome life you’ve been called to live! Thanks for joining us!! Find Katie at and on Instagram @kthake

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