51. Discussing Payments, Open Banking and Apples acquisition of Mobeewave with Christoffer O. Hernaes


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Christoffer O. Hernæs has a long background within banking and Fintech with his latest position as chief digital officer of Sbanken, Norway's first digital-only bank and leading challenger bank. Christoffer is also and has been a frequent fintech blogger in Norway with many thoughtful blogposts over the last years. In this episode we got the chance to talk with Christoffer about Apples acquisition of Mobeewave and what it means to the payments and banking industries. We also of course talked about the fintech landscape in norway and the fundamental mismatch between bank's and fintech's when the go into collaborations. Christoffer gave us some advice for how fintech's should avoid wasting their time when trying to collaborate with banks. Finally we got to listen to why Klarna is so great and one of the fintech's in the world with the brightest future.

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