49. Best Of Fintechpodden Interviews part one


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This episode is one of a few in a series of best-of-conversations that we have had in Fintechpodden. Over a couple of episodes we have put together some of the highlights in all the interviews that we have held with different founders and leaders within the fintech industry. In this part, we get to listen to excellent Daniel Döderleinn when he passionately talks about his entreprenuerial journey founding mCash which later became the technology behind Vipps and what he thinks about PSD2 and how startups should do to get a PSD2 License. We also talk to Che Sidanius about Financial Crime, Green Crime, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and a lot more. Chris skinner speaks about what the world for banks will look like after the PSD2 Pandemic and why he likes Klarna and Stripe so much. Finally super nice Michael O'Loughlin tells us about Open Finance, PSD2, How far the banks have come within this space and the true meaning of banking the unbanked. We hope that you enjoy this episode!

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