42. Mobile payments and the Chinese Fintech landscape with Magnus Dettmar


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In this episode we get to listen to Gustaf and Johan talking with Magnus Dettmar directly from China. Magnus guides us through a full day, from waking up until going back to bed in Shanghai, China with a specific focus on the way he uses mobile payments and fintech solutions during a normal day in China. Discussions are around the big giants Alibaba and Tencent with their respective fintech "super-apps" Alipay and WeChat pay that have become very popular at a historical speed of innovation. Magnus also shares a lot of interesting insights from China covering everything from the scene of cryptocurrencies, e-commerce and live shopping, to open banking and financial inclusion. Join Gustaf, Johan and Magnus in this super-episode on the fintech landsape and mobile payments in China delivered directly China by Magnus who lives and breath Chinese digital solutions in Shanghai.

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