37. Interview with Betterwealths Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder Henrik Jönsson, about the future of asset management


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In this episode we had the chance to sit down and chat with Henrik Jönsson. Henrik has co-founded Betterwealth and is currently working in the position as Chief Investment Officer. Henriks background ranges from studies in mathematics and industrial engineering at Lund and Eidengenössische Universities to job as credit analyst at SEB Bank, and his most recent position before starting Betterwealth was at Blackrock, the worlds largest asset management firm where he worked with risk and quantitative Analysis. For a little bit less than two years ago he co-founded Betterwealth which is a asset management service that strives to revolutionise the investment offer for retail clients. By using AI and simple Machine Learning models Betterwealth can help retail clients with world class asset management in a way that has only been available for institutions and very rich clients until now. Enjoy us in this episode where we discuss more about what Betterwealth is and we get to listen to Henrik talk about his background, thoughts about the future of asset management as well as a couple of tips for other fintech startups out there.

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