Michael Giacchino (Composer: Jojo Rabbit)


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Michael Giacchino's scores have brought to life some of our most beloved stories whether it's a videogame, TV series or film. He has worked across every genre, and has built found relationships with some of the best filmmakers in the industry. But It's his amazing talents as a storyteller that make people gravitate towards his music.

For this All Access we were able to squeeze some time with Michael during his press day for Jojo Rabbit. We dive right in and discuss the approach for Jojo Rabbit, and how director Taika Waititi sought him out to score the film.

Michael talks about his childhood and his path to becoming a composer, which wasn't the original plan at all. Michael's passion was filmmaking, and he went to film school to become a director but his side hobby in music ended up setting him on the path he's on now.

We talk about subjects such as working with directors who are friends, and what happens when there's a disagreement. We also cover topics like knowing the business side of the industry, where the first note comes from, how to tackle sequels, how to jump into an established franchise, why Michael prefers not to read the script, if Michael will ever return to games or TV, where he stands in the "Marvel is not cinema" debate, what he and Matt Reeves plan on doing with The Batman, and what has been the worst butchering of his last name so far!

Michael is one of the most established auteur composers working today, and it was a true pleasure to have him as a guest on All Access.

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