John Powell (Composer: How To Train Your Dragon 3)


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Earlier this year, we had a fantastic All Access with How To Train Your Dragon trilogy writer/director Dean DeBlois and John Powell. But for our 3rd All Access with John, we wanted to explore the last chapter in the HTTYD trilogy from John's point of view as well as take the opportunity to revisit some stories that we touched upon way back in our first All Access.

Part reboot and part new examination, John talks about his path to becoming a composer as we examine his career's beginnings. We tackle a variety of different topics as we always do as John opens up about his process and approach to writing music to picture. John reflects back on the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy, specifically how he found his own life reflected upon the films. We also talk a lot about ending the trilogy and how John carefully crafted the score.

Sitting down with John Powell is always a pleasure and joy, and it's terrific to have him back on a brand new All Access!

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