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Garrett Swann is a Santa Barbara native, now New Yorker, full-time realist, gym rat, go-getter, and a wannabe millennial. Obsessed with great convos over coffee, he spends his days inspiring younger generations with his personal style, poise and panache. A role model and GQ Insider, Garrett travels the world as a model in campaigns for IBM, T-Mobile, Amazon/Oprah Magazine, Brooks Brothers, Allen Edmonds, Michael Kors, Belk, Billionaire (Phillipe Plein), Phonak, Dodge, Chrysler, Loews Hotels, SLH Hotels, Indochino, 2xist Underwear, Mr. Turk, Moscot, among others. Last year, he laughed when he made the “Silverfox” lists for Buzzfeed, Huffpost and OUT Magazine. He's guessing #daddyisthenewblack. Through his social media platform “The Sterling Compass,” garrett circumnavigates the world, giving positive lifestyle direction to those across the globe.
He is also a CEO of an app company called Production Assistant Liaison (paL) in New York City, former star of several TV shows (Fashion House, Unusually Thicke) and questionable indie films (The Casserole Club), and his motto in life is “have swimsuit, will travel.”

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