PAINTING PICTURES WITH MORGAN FREEMAN | Director George Gallo | Vanquish (2021)


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George Gallo is a man of many creative talents, including screenwriting, filmmaking, producing and painting. Since writing his first feature film, Wise Guys (1986), he has been involved in a number of successful movies including Golden Globe nominated Midnight Run (1988), and Bad Boys (1995).
His most recent film, Vanquish (2021), follows a former drug courier (actor Ruby Rose) as she is forced back into a dangerous criminal underworld by a corrupt cop (Morgan Freeman) in order to save her daughter.
In this fascinating interview with Richard Williams and Aiysha Jebali, director George Gallo discusses how the two worlds of filmmaking and painting intersect, what it’s like to work alongside Morgan Freeman, and how hurricanes halted the filming of Vanquish (2021)!
He also gives advice to aspiring filmmakers on the importance of having fun while making a film and allowing the film to exist without you.
Presenters: Richard Williams & Aiysha Jebali
Video Editor: Millie Hayward
Audio Podcast Editor: Juana Rubio
Print version: Keren Davies
Visual Effects & Artwork: Richard Williams
Images & Trailer courtesy of Lionsgate / Katrina Wan PR

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