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'What matters is the story and how you craft it.'
Jia Wertz is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker focusing on true crime stories that shine a powerful light on wrongful convictions and the shortcomings of the American Justice system.
At 16 years old, Jeffrey Deskovic fell victim to a serious miscarriage of justice when he was convicted of the rape and murder of Angela Correa - a 15 year old high school classmate. His journey, courage and fight for freedom is documented by Jia Wertz in her short documentary Conviction (2020), now available on Amazon Prime Video.
In this fascinating interview, the Canadian-born New York-based storyteller opens up about her passion for making documentaries, on writing for prestigious publications like Forbes, and provides advice for the next generation of indie filmmakers.
You can watch the award-winning exposé, Conviction (2020) on Amazon Prime:
The feature-length version of Conviction is due to be released in 2021.
Read the full interview:
Interviewer/Video Editor/Visual Effects/Artwork: Richard Williams
Conviction (2020) trailer footage and stills: Jia Wertz
Audio Podcast Editor: Danny Morrison

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