DISNEY, AMAZON & EASTENDERS | Film & TV Editor Jim Page | Editing Techniques & Advice From A Pro


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'Every director and producer worth their salt understands how important editing is' says Jim Page, a film and television editor with over 15 years of experience and counting.
The list of clients that this impressively accomplished video editing professional will leave beginner editors of film salivating...
Most won't get anywhere near the likes of ITV soap Coronation Street and BBC's EastEnders, alongside award-winning films like No More Wings (2018) and work for brands such as Samsung and Disney as well as documentaries for Discovery and other major tv channels.
In this in-depth interview, video editing guru Jim Page talks about a previous lack of self confidence, losing his way and starting from the bottom of the ladder, to getting the chance to work on projects with increasing prestige.
His advice includes not worrying about dropping money you probably don't have on expensive equipment, take any job you can to begin with, and the art of video editing itself.
A must-listen for anyone looking to become an editor in the film and tv industry from this Berlinale Talent alumnus.

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