Gentle parenting for Christian families with Wendy Snyder


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There is a new trend going around. You probably have come across it and have heard about it. It's a new way of parenting, it's called gentle parenting. Some also call it positive parenting, respectful parenting or raising resilient kids.
This is a very different approach of parenting from the traditional way most of us were raised. If you are like me and you were raised with conservative Christian parents, you probably experienced spanking, threats and punishments.
The thing was, that was the only way to raise kids back then. Chances are, your parents like mine, had no idea there was another way.
In today's podcast episode, I had the honor of interviewing Wendy. Wendy Snyder is a Positive Parenting educator, family life coach & advocate. She is certified in Redirecting Children's Behavior & The Joy of Parenting Program. Wendy founded her online business, Fresh Start Family, so that she could spread the message of positive parenting across the world. She is the developer of a variety of online positive parenting courses and also has a monthly membership program to further support families. Wendy helps families parent from a place of great purpose and intention by creating healthy, respectful & cooperative relationships.
In this episode you will learn:
- What is gentle parenting?
- How to create a close emotional relationship with your kids.
- What punishments and threats really do to your relationships with kids
- Should we teach our kids to fear us?
- What about spanking and what the Bible says about it?
- So how do we REALLY get our kids to listen to us?
Resources mentioned in the podcast:
Jesus the gentle parent
Connected families
Fresh start family episode 122
Heartfelt discipline
Connect with Wendy:
Wendys IG page

You can grab Wendy's free guide to raising strong willed kids HERE.

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