Ep 71: Struggle with anxiety? Learn coping skill w/ anxiety coach Erin Kimbrell


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Anxiety can mess with you big time! It will drain your mental, emotional and even physical energy! It can totally consume you to the point where its hard to function.
I've had anxiety attacks in my life. I remember that as a Christian- I would pray for God to take my worry away. It helped me yet I wish I also had some practical tools to calm my mind and body in the moment.
Your mind is SO powerful. Your thoughts are what create the threat in your brain and the anxiety in your body.
In todays episode, I invited my friend Erin who is an anxiety and breath work coach. I enjoyed the practical coping skills we discussed and I know you will find them helpful.
Connect with Erin:
Erin is a certified anxiety coach and certified breathwork facilitator with a Master’s degree in counseling. She loves to teach simple and powerful tips and tools you can implement in seconds. Her passion is encouraging and empowering you to live your life as the best version of you, which you can do with less anxiety. Erin helps you get to the root of your anxiety.


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