EP 65: Practical tips on prioritizing your physical wellness as a Christian mom with Kelsey Bryant


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Is it hard to prioritize your physical health? Moving your body regularly and eating nutritious foods?
I get it, honestly- I struggle prioritizing my physical movement. Since nothing 'hurts' right now, its hard to see it as something really important.
In todays podcast episode, I invited a guest. Kelsey is a clinical exercise physiologist. She is also a Christian and her mission is to support Christian moms in prioritizing their physical wellness and spiritual wellness.
In this episode we cover:
-How to change your mindset and see wellness as a lifestyle change
-The benefits of physical movement on our spiritual and mental life
-How can we honor God with our bodies?
-Tips on simplifying healthy eating and breakfast/lunch/dinner ideas
-How to avoid overwhelm and failing in the new lifestyle
Ways to connect with Kelsey:
FIT Christian Woman Podcast
IG @kelseyb.bryant
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