This is Our Queer Letter to the World- From Separate Timezones Three (feat. Graham Kolbeins)


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Special Guest Star Graham Kolbeins joins us to discuss Season 3 Episode 4 of Dickinson, "This is my letter to the world," written by Ken Greller & R. Eric Thomas and directed by Rachael Holder.

Well, Dickinson finally did it. One of us cracks and cries at the thought of Emily Dickinson coming out to herself and celebrating her love for Sue Gilbert, and how she continues to walk towards a horizon, knowing she will never get there- just like the rest of us queers. The other of us meanwhile retains a stiff upper lip (he is British after all).

Break out your Foreshadowing Dresses and get ready.

Other questions include: is Higginson an opportunist out of his depth? Is Walt Whitman too much (absolutely not)? Are we all the heirs to the queer legacy, walking towards our own horizons, knowing we will never get there?

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