Earwolf Presents: Bonus Care from Urgent Care


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Here is: Bonus Care - Top Ten Moments (That Happened to Joel and Mitra). Welcome to Urgent Care's extraordinarily researched Bonus Care series all about Top Ten Lists, where every item on the list is factually put together after the team surveyed millions of people, not just Joel Kim Booster & Mitra Jouhari personal research at all. And unfortunately, nothing is up for debate. This episode features Top Ten Moments, and you can hear so many more Bonus Care episodes at Stitcher Premium. In the grand tradition of Love Line, Savage Love and Dear Abby, self-proclaimed lifestyle gurus/very successful freaks Joel Kim Booster and Mitra Jouhari dispense completely unqualified advice to people who apparently have nowhere else to turn. Coupling their unique comedic perspectives with completely unquestioned certainty in their own infallibility, Mitra and Joel will change your life, for better or honestly maybe worse!
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