57: Episode 57 - The Valentine's Day Special!


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You asked relationship questions. The Gals asked the gods. They gave answers. Not good answers, just...answers. (Trust us, please don't take their advice!)
From animal husbandry (side-eye at Zeus), to why Loki thinks stabbing is a perfectly fine method of aversion therapy (it isn't), this episode has something for everyone (or no one).
Join Cait, Original Gen, and Other Jenn as they consult the oracles, throw the bones, and get the worst possible advice from the Greek and Norse gods!
Also, the Gals want to thank their listeners and fabulous friends of the pods for jumping in with some great questions. Please give them a listen and check them out here:
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From Olympus to Valhalla, we've got the goods on the gods, so join Cait, Original Gen, the Other Jenn, and SFX Kim as they spike and spill all the divine tea!
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