51: Episode 51 - WTF, Zeus (new/redo episode 5)


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The Gals kick off the new year by revisiting the multi-part origin story of the Greeks. Totally metal humans, Zeus gets ideas (yikes), and Prometheus is definitely a middle child. Yup, it's part 3 of the Greek creation myth! And how do Highlights magazine and the pineapple from the tv show Psych fit in? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

This episode is a redo of Episode 5 (the original audio was seriously meh, and there was no Other Jenn!).

And if you’re curious about the puzzle we mention in the beginning that has Cait flipping tables, simply search for “daily calendar puzzle” in your favorite web browser. You, too, can join Cait in her daily dose of rage.

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