Episode 157: Disclosure, enforcement of Covid-19 fines, detention of passengers


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Kyla Lee and Emma Wilson talk about the week's big driving law news including a case in which a man was pulled over on suspicion of drug possession for the purposes of trafficking. The case raises issues surrounding disclosure which could have an impact on driving law. The Ministry of Public Safety has told ICBC not to issue new driver's licences to people who have outstanding COvid-19 fines. Kyla and Emma discuss what measures ICBC has to uphold fines and also whether or not using these powers to enforce Covid-19 restrictions is fair. An interesting driving law case raises the issue of whether police are allowed to question passengers during a traffic stop. Are passengers being lawfully detained in such instances? And finally, there's a new Ridiculous Driver of the Week. Follow Kyla Lee on Twitter: twitter.com/IRPlawyer Follow Kyla Lee on Instagram: instagram.com/kylaleelawyer Follow Emma Wilson on Twitter: twitter.com/EmmaAcumenLaw www.vancouvercriminallaw.com

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