Episode 149: Vaccines, stay of proceedings, cyclists


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With courts reopened, should members of the justice system be given a priority in the Covid-19 vaccine waiting list? Kyla and Paul share their thoughts. Also up for discussion is a traffic court case in which a defendant made an application for a stay of proceedings following a delay with a disclosure request. A debate over whether cyclists should be licences and insured was reopened this week. Kyla and Paul look at both sides of the argument. Finally, there's Ridiculous Driver of the Week. Follow Kyla Lee on Twitter: twitter.com/IRPlawyer Follow Kyla Lee on Instagram: instagram.com/kylaleelawyer Follow Paul Doroshenko on Twitter: twitter.com/pauldoroshenko Follow Paul Doroshenko on Instagram: instagram.com/pauldoroshenko www.vancouvercriminallaw.com

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