Little Blue Flower: A Scandinavian Fairytale


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Having trouble falling asleep? Try listening to a soothing bedtime story to help you drift off! Tonight's episode is a Scandinavian fairytale by Miss F. E. Hynam called Little Blue Flower. This lovely tale will take you from the Bohemian Forest all the way to Norway. Will Wulf find a new castle to live in? I sure hope so! Maybe he'll also find the love of his life too!
This story has restful sleep music (528 Hz) playing in the background to help you fall deeper into a sound sleep. The soft music will continue for several minutes after the story ends and then it too will gently fade away. But for those of you who prefer a more quiet storytelling experience, here is the no music version link . So let's get sleepy together! Settle in under the covers and snuggle up tight...I wish you the sweetest dreamzzz my friend and a peaceful good night!
P.S Earbuds recommended for best audio experience :) Enjoy!
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