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Welcome to Dream Away Stories - Bedtime Stories For Kids
Alex is on his bike. He is following the smoke trail and as he gets closer and closer the smell of pancakes gets more and more…. Banana Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Regular Pancakes….. every 60 seconds the air seems to change but no matter what it just smells: So good!
Alex tries to go faster and faster and in the far far distance he can see something. It looks to be a camp fire? No sure, he has to get closer…. so as Alex gets closer and closer it becomes more and more clear that he is biking towards a bonfire. That is was is causing the smoke signal.. but where does the pancake smell come from?
The bonfire is huge and Alex makes sure that he keeps a save distance, as he gets off his bike, 2 small dogs come running towards him and cheerfully jump towards Alex. One dog is wearing a yellow collar and the other dog a blue one…
Mr Pan and Mr Cakes will you get back here immediately, as voice says out of knowhere. We do not jump on our guests. When at that moment an old man appears, you can say he looks like a grandpa.
Welcome Alex, I have been waiting for you! Madame Diamond already informed me you where coming!
Madame Diamond told you? Alex replies? Wait, but who are you? Alex asks:

My name is Grandpa Baker, these are my 2 dogs: Mr Pan and Mr Cakes.. and what is this? Alex points at the large bonfire: Oh this, is just a small fire to help me make: Magical Pancakes,,,,
Magical Pancakes? Alex replies…. what are those…. Oh nothing, Grandpa Baker says, you wouldnt want to know… I do I do I Do, Alex says… Please Grandpa baker, tell me everything about the magical pancakes…. and Mr Pan and Mr Cakes seem to agree as they start barking…
Okay, come with me…. - You see Alex, on a scale of 1-10 how much do you love pancakes? A solid 8 - Alex replies.. well for me, Grandpa Baker replies.. its a solid 11.. I love pancakes, they are my favorite food…. and you know why?
Why? Alex asks.. because you can make them sweet, you can make them savory. You can eat them for breakfast, you can eat them for dinner… you an make them big, you can make them small…but most importantly you can put ANYTHING on a pancake and it will take amazing…
Anything? Alex asks? Anything! Grandpa Baker replies…
So I spend the last 11.5 years trying to create the most perfect recipe or pancakes…. and today I think I have found it…. so I made a small fire, took a pan and started baking pancakes….
Oh, I have to try, I have to Try.. Alex replies….
Well you see Alex, these arent just regular pancakes… these are magical pancakes…. and it works like this:
You create 1 batch of batter… then you u scoop it out and put it in a hot hot pan and the moment the batter touches the pan and it slowly starts to become a pancake you simply whisper the type of pancake you wish and it will transform it self into that….
I dont believe thaaat, Alex says.. that would be awesome….
Shoudl we try it? Grandpa Baker replies….
As he takes a scoop of magical pancake batter, places it into a pan.. now quickly Alex, whisper the type of pancake you can have… and remember that ANYTHING goes…
Cheesy Chocolate Sprinkels Pancakes…. Alex whispers…. And 6 seconds later, cheese chocolate sprinkel pancakes appear inside the pan….
Wow, Alex replies… let me try another one….
Strawberry Cheesecake Brocolli Spicy Chilli Pancakes……… and again 6 seconds later the pan as filled with this crazy magical pancake…
This is awesome, Alex says to Grandpa Baker…
I know, Grandpa says… I just have one problem that I have not fixed yet… with every request there seems to be a lot of smoke coming from the pan…

Aaaaaah, thats the smoke trail I have been following, Alex instantly replies….thats why the air smells like pancakes….
I guess it is….. Grandpa Baker replies….
Could I take home a batch of magical pancakes with me for my family? But ofcourse…..
Ok then first we need chocolate chip banana pancakes, then a candy cane strawberry saus pancake, then a vanilla icecream with rasberrys pancakes, then I think my dad would like a cheesy bacon pancake and my mom would love an roasted almond, salted caramel with oranges pancakes….
Coming right up.. and 6 seconds later all of these amazing magical pancake sjust appear in the pan… all coming from the same batter, no need for special ingredients.. it just appears…

wow.. this is amazing! I would eat pancakes every day like this! Alex says…As Granpa gets a box, puts in the magical pancakes, and hands it back to Alex…
Grandpa Baker, would it be ok if I come visit you one a week? I’d love that Alex! Maybe one day I ill then show you the secret ingredients to the magical pancake batter….
And with those words, Alex takes the pancakes, says goodbye to Grandpa Baker, says good by to the dogs Mr Pan and Mr Cakes…

and makes his way home with a biiig smile on his face…. a biig smile because not only does Alex have a batch of magical pancakes… but he also just made a new friend….

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