Hogtied Citizens Arrest & Antichrist Spiderman


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This week we kick it off with our 'Of the Weeks' including that’s where all my bowling balls went moment of the week and Antichrist spider-man moment of the week

In our Backpage News, where we find weekly weird news happening in the world, we get into some offbeat headlines such as "Evidence lost in case of soldier accused of feeding cannabis-laced cupcakes to gunners, lawyer says" (19:46), "Oregon man knocks out, hogties active shooter, according to Portland police" (26:28), "Women Who Rammed Cops Arrested After She Stopped To Get McDonald's Chicken Nuggets During A Wild Police Chase" (34:11), and "Florida Man Steals Two Police Cars During Chase" (39:12).

In Sports Racco sounds off on Italy's win in the Euro's and McGregor's snapped ankle. For video clips of our podcast head over to our website or YouTube Channel

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